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We carry new and used classical, and sometimes, theatre organs.

Call us at any time to check on what we may have available.

This site will be updated as often as we can with instruments available from our store.

As a general rule, new church organs are supplied by special order, as every installation is unique and very special.

For this reason we will consult to determine what type, size and style your special organ will be. Most of what we have on display are standard models representative of larger or custom instruments.


Johannus LiVE III

The LiVE III is different. In this incredible technology developed over years by Johannus, Historical organs from many cultures including German, Dutch, American, English and French have been faithfully captured in high resolution sound and reproduced with such realism that it is "almost like being there"
The technology used is called "DS Core" and is a data streaming process where by every note, every rank is reproduced as it was heard at the particular historic instrument. Nothing is changed. The voicing, the tuning, and even the ambiance of the cathedral, or church in which it was recorded. To achieve this industry leading marvel, solid state drives are used with exceptionally sophisticated software to maintain faithful performance for years to come.
Call us to find out more.
Wonderful instruments by Arp Schnitger, Cavaille-Coll, and many others are available to be chosen to play on this organ.


Available from $42,000.00 Plus GST


Johannus LiVE II


The LiVE II is a two manual version of the LiVE III.
With 45 stops, complete organs are available to be played with the same virtual experience of being at the very console or in the very church these instruments were recorded.



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In store now with a selection of five organs to choose from
$22,000.00 Plus GST


Johannus Studio 170


$12,995.00 Including GST


Arriving in store soon


Johannus Ecclesia 370


The Ecclesia T370 is our most affordable three manual church organ.

With 55 Stops and 66 Ranks, this organ is suitable for large or small church. Romantic Voicing, Baroque, French Symphonic and Historic organs all represented.


We have in store a T370 with some wonderful enhancements: Wood core keyboards, Orchestral voices (Piano, Strings, Oboe, Trumpet Chimes, etc)

Lighted and adjustable Music desk, Adjustable bench;


Complete with 10.1 Audio and speakers.


$52,000.00 Plus GST delivered. Give us a call!


Makin Thirlmere 2 / 30D

The Makin Thirlmere is a thirty stop, two manual traditional English organ with motorized drawstops, 250 level combination memory, 8.1 (Nine channel) Audio including a speaker complement sufficient for large church, or small.


This particular organ is sold now, but we do have another available at short notice.

Call for details.


Makin Rydal 2 / 20T


A twenty stop two manual organ with a supurb English style and sound. Suitable for up to 200 capacity church. Includes five speakers.

Available now in store in a medium oak finish.


The voice specification is listed here.


This is a very well designed organ and I am impressed with the wonderful sound and cohesion of the voices. The Great supplies a full Principal Chorus crowed with a three rank mixture with secondary flutes, and trumpet.

The Swell has complimentary Geigen and Gemshorn chorus, flutes, Celeste, Mixture and two very good reeds. With the ubiquitous octave coupler, the tonal variety is excellent.

The Pedal may look a bit lean, but it is remarkable how with coupled Great, the voices balance everything from quiet to full organ.

At $30,300.00 Plus GST, this organ is a winner.


SOLD Call for more!

New 2/20T arriving soon.

Johannus "ONE"

A three division Organ on one 76 note keyboard. English, American, French and Baroque voices all available. Orchestral voices include excellent piano, Harpsichord, Trumpet Clarinet and much more.

Full price $4,995.00 Including GST
NEW!! Johannus Studio 370

Three Manuals, 30 note RACO pedal board. 37 Stops, 47 Ranks, Trumpet, Pan Flute,
Four Intonations. Programmable MIDI, Headphone output.
2.1 Audio with 180 watt bass channel.

One left available: Special Price $16,995.00

Rodgers "Inspire" Model 233
All new Direct data streaming technology, giving the highest resolution of organ sound available.

The 233 is available now and can be expanded with up to eight channels of audio, or used self contained with three way audio in console.

Magnificent voicing capabilities for which Rodgers is renowned makes this instrument the very best in American Classic design and sound available today. Call for a demonstration.
Rodgers 940 PDI
Three Manuals
A real classic from the 90's
Available now.
Console only: $15,000.00 Including GST
Add speakers from two to full compliment of eight.
Eight channel amplifier built in.
This organ has suffered some cabinet damage, but has been checked over, repaired and is good working order.
A glorious sounding organ with 47 Stops.