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Ralph and Lynne Cullen
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Keyboard Music Systems Limited was established in 2006 and carries on the excellent work in supplying digital organs to homes, schools, churches and cathedrals throughout New Zealand initiated by N W Smith and Co Ltd in 1956, and N W Smith and Co (1997) Limited.

It is our great honour to represent the Global Organ group of companies in supplying the finest of instruments from Johannus Orgelbouw, Makin Organs of the UK, Copeman Hart, and Rodgers Instruments of Oregon, USA.

Each of these fine brands represent a particular tradition and are unique in themselves. Whether it be the grand and powerful tones of the English Cathedral, or Parish Church organ so loved in the English tradition, or the historic sounds of the North European Baroque organs, or yet again the vitality and tonal variety of the American Classic, we have a complete palette of sound available at every price point.

With over 40 years of experience, and many dozens of wonderful installations around New Zealand, we are pleased to offer you our very best advice on all matters related to electronic, digital or pipe organs. We supply, tune and service throughout New Zealand.