Global Organ Brands

Since their beginnings in 1958, Rodgers have been renowned for innovation, excellent sound, musical versatility, and fine craftsmanship. This reputation as America's most respected builder of fine digital and pipe organs continues to this day. The concept of the "American Classic" organ was developed by the inspiration of G Donald Harrison and spilled out into his work with E M Skinner. Rodgers, more than anyone else, have imbibed of that creative spirit and every Rodgers organ  displays this expansive dream of what the organ can be, with the multitude of tonal variety, orchestral sounds and unlimited playing aids that make organ playing a dream.
Rodgers have been represented in New Zealand by us since the early 1970's and we have organs from one manual to four in churches and homes all over the country. In fact two cathedrals have Rodgers Infinity organs, and several others have used Rodgers while pipe organs have been in repair or rebuild.
Rodgers are now a part of the Global Organ Group of Companies and in so being are experiencing yet another leap in technological innovation with the latest data streaming tone generation.
Inspire, Artist, and Infinity organs all reflect the magnificent heritage that is Rodgers.
No other organ brand says it quite the same as MAKIN. The traditional English Parish and Cathedral organ is unique in the world for tone colour, console style and fittings. Even stop placement, pedal board style, and most importantly, the unique breadth of power in the foundation Diapason chorus, powerful Swell reeds and mixtures.
Makin organs have been a part of the Global organ group since the early 2000's and are becoming the choice of instrument when a traditional English organ is necessary.
What set's Makin apart, is the high resolution of real time sampled pipe organ stops. Only one tonal style is provided per organ and that is the English Romantic. Each note of each rank is a separate sound and employs long samples. Furthermore, a Makin organ will have a high number of individual amplifiers and speakers for the number of stops. For example: the 30 stop Thirlmere organ has eight speakers plus sub bass. The 45 stop "Windermere" three manual organ, has 14 channels plus two sub bass channels including a powered sub bass with 18" loudspeaker. In this way the grandeur of a pipe organ is reproduced most effectively.
From the heart of the Netherlands, we present a wide range of the finest classical organs.
From the single keyboard Johannus "ONE" through two, three, four, and five manual models for every need, Johannus builds organs with a passion to create a very real alternative to pipes, but at an affordable price.
Organs for studio, in two or three manuals, Organs for home; organs for Chapel and Church, or custom instruments under the "Monarke" label.
Nothing is too small and nothing is too big.
Whether it be a Romantic or American Classic, or maybe North European Baroque, or the beauty and fire of a French Symphonic style organ, it is all available.
Johannus organs are found throughout New Zealand, from Invercargill to Kerikeri, and we are honoured to have supplied Johannus organs here, since 1991